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A Day in the Life of Montessori

See daily life at The Montessori School, ranging from from Toddler through Upper Elementary. Students learn each day as engaged participants with guides as teachers and peers.

TMS Montessori Program

The Montessori program at TMS is built on a well-prepared environment, quality materials that are used in each classroom, and teachers as “guides.” Together, these contribute towards the intellectual, social and emotional growth of children, and lasts a life-time. 

Students strive to become leaders of the future, stewards of the earth, and ambassadors of peace. These qualities are aligned with our mission of educating young children and building a strong foundation for their future. 

Explore our programing in more depth:


Children's House

Elementary (Lower and Upper)

Journey and Discovery

What is Journey & Discovery? Journey and Discovery is the opportunity to further your knowledge of the Montessori method and curriculum experienced by your children through guided activities and lessons presented by the Guides at TMS!

You will - Journey through the prepared environment of each classroom level (Toddler, Children’s House, Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary) at The Montessori School and Discover how the Montessori didactic materials and curriculum progresses from one level of learning to the next and how they interconnect.

Families are invited to join us on January 20, 2024 at 8:30 AM.

Children's House Cooking Events

Children's House invites families to share in a cooking experience with their children.