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What is the role of a Guide?

At TMS, a child is with the same teacher (or guide) for three years; the child is known and appreciated thoroughly both as a person and a learner, and benefits from a trusting, supportive and enduring relationship with his/her teacher. As a novice in the 3-year classroom, the child is actively mentored by older children. Guided by the same caring adult, the child grows as a model and mentor to younger children, both academically and socially/emotionally. Learning how to navigate social relationships with other children increases personal confidence and leads to more mature social skills.

Classroom Guides

Cindy Robinson 
Julia Robinson

Children's House 
Erin Burke 
Caroline Jacobs 
Elena Janeczko

Lower Elementary 
Lara Magge 
Amy Robinson

Upper Elementary 
Taylor Myers


Head of School / Jonathan Alden

Admissions & Enrollment / Seema Khetarpal

Communications & Development / Janet Easlea