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How Your TMS Annual Fund Dollars will be Spent ... funded from the bottom up!

TOTAL GOAL for 2019-20 / $307,000

Facility Enhancements / $250,000

Lighting in Lower Lot ● Driveway ● Gym Renovation ● New Lawn Tractor

...would allow TMS to make improvements to our building and grounds so that they may be fully utilized by our children and community.

Training & Development / $15,000

Literacy Training ● New Guide Supervision ● Wilson Certifications ● Montessori Teacher Training

...would give our guides the ability to invest in further education to better serve our children and community.

Safety & Security / $10,500

Trail To The Soccer Field ** (see below!) ● Security Light at Main Door ● Security Cameras for Playgrounds ● Two Defibrillators

...enhancements for children's safety. 

Curriculum Support / $31,500

1 Stream Table ● 4 Stamp Games ● Greenhouse Kit ● 8 Tumbling Mats ● 1 Tellurium & Materials ● 1 Farm Table ● 2 Handwashing Stations ● 3 Biology Cabinets ● 3 Complete Bead Cabinets ● 3 Geometric Cabinets ● 10 MAC Laptops ● 15 Djembes/Tubanos (percussion drums) ● Moveable SMART Board

...would enable guides to purchase new Montessori materials and technology that will enhance children's learning experiences in the classroom.

** We Are Excited To Announce The CHANG CHALLENGE!

Alumnus family, Tai and Ruth Chang, parents of Nathan '16, have donated $1,500 toward the TRAIL TO THE SOCCER FIELD on the teacher's wish list. This trail will allow even our youngest children, the toddlers, to access the soccer fields and nature trail below the school without using the dreaded concrete steps! Tai, Ruth and Nate are hoping other TMS friends will match their gift to make the new trail a reality by Winter Break. Many thanks to the Changs for their most generous gift!

We're Open!